Masterlif Medical Director Mehmet USTAOĞLU is a member of the European Hair Restoration.

   ENGLAND HAIR also owns certificate of participation in the conference.

Our Vision: Scientific Research and Development efforts and Turkey's trusted clinical applications with the leading and preferred to become one of the clinic Hair and Cosmetic Surgery.

Our mission: medical treatment according to the needs of our guests, and increase their quality of life by providing methods with experienced physicians and professionals in the field.

Our goal: as Masterlifeha team, in the trust our senses and next ensure that a clinical followed persistent hot linking the amaçlıyoruz.üst level of medical services and care standards, our source of confidence that we provide, based on 10 years of experience and uncompromising ethical understanding between our brand with our medical guests.

Our Values: We offer a high level of satisfaction in every service and passionately committed to the full in order to meet the expectations of our medical guests.

Confidence: in all medical studies that we offer and we recommend our medical guests, adhering to our ethical understanding only, we guarantee the reliability of all application and indicate the direction our thinking their health.