Hair transplatation is carried out only with the FUE echnique in Masterlifehair  Clinic due to fact that many hair follicles are transplantation processes.Satisfactory results are achieved in one session,and people have the comfort of returning to their daily lives shortly after the operation.Hair transplantation is supported with PRP as it enables tissue to heal in a short time during the operation,makes hair follicles remain alive for a long time and makes hair follicles adapt to the body in the transplantation area.

PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma) is used in many treatments in medicine due to its role in tissue healing.It is commonly used  due to the fact that it heals tissue twice as fast as in normal cases,especially in injuries and accidents.Currently it is a frequently used technique.The FUE technique is used by physicians who are experrienced in hair tansplantation.

PRP treatment makes hair follicles remain string in the external environment with a growth factor,as wellas enabling hair follicles to receive oxygen and nutrition in a short time,with the micro vessel forming growth hormones present in the transplantation area. Fort his reason,it increases the hair growing speed after the operation.