Medical Aesthetics, short duration of the operation compared with all methods except uygulamalardır.cerrah aesthetic surgery, does not require anesthesia, absence of healing process are the major advantages of daily life can be restored immediately. These new techniques to remove unwanted hair, wrinkles from, of cellulite, it's easy to get rid of deep wrinkles or blemishes and safe manner, it is possible.

'Laser hair removal'

Laser energy is a light burns without damaging the environment in the form of reaching the roots of the hair growth. Were destroyed to prevent re-growth of hair follicles. Center has the latest technology in laser method is applied to get rid of unwanted species. Sessions are determined by the region after the examination.

'Chemical Peels'

Chemical Peels, peel the acidic substance in the top layer of dead skin structure renewal is the process of recovery and correction. With this application rough and uneven top layer is lost. Bottom construction of new cells do not thins the skin to be stimulated. With this method, a reduction in fine wrinkles, is provided to prevent the formation of new wrinkles. Sun, aging is an effective treatment against stains the skin due to various reasons such as pregnancy.


Botulinum toxin is a treatment that has been very popular in the fight against the use of dynamic facial wrinkles. Botox is effective, reliable, is a treatment that does not require recovery time. Results of the application starts the next 2-4 days, the effect lasts up to 4-6 months.


Deep in the middle layer (mesoderm) is a treatment method applied in the form of giving by microinjection of certain drugs. A final and permanent solution to uygulanır.selülit average 10-15 sessions 7-10 days apart.

    A final and permanent solution to cellulite.
    It allows regional weakening the desired location.
    Weakened muscle is not lost.
    Recovery of the loose and hanging place.
    Definitely stop hair loss, there are all the hair is thicker and more vivid would remove the new hairs.
    Percent below the skin rejuvenating agents, vitamins and antioxidants granting rejuvenation (anti-aging) effect is achieved.