Among hair follicle transplants,eyebrow transplantation requires the most attention and care.As the eyebrow is the most salientpart of the face;the transplantation angle,transplantation orientation and eyebrow shape must be designed very carefully by a specialist.

Bleeding usually results from removing eyebrows from the same area for a long time,skin diseases such as pelade,permanent makeup,chemotherapy etc.Eyebrow transplantation is required  when eyebrows do not grow back in 1-2 years.In eyebrow transplantation,thin hairs are removed from the lowest part on the back of the neck as in hair transplantation.These hairs on the back of the neck are removed using the thinnest punches with the help of  micro motor .Hair follicles removed from the back of the neck are preferred to be single for eyebrow transplantation.Multiple grafts spoil the naturalness of the eyebrow.