The success of the hair transplantation operation is determined by the harmony of the hairline with the person’s face as well as its naturalness.The hairline must be set so that ist is in harmony with the person’s face,symmetrical,and proportionate to the shape of the face.

The experience and creatvitiy of the doctor stands out while setting the hairline.As the hairline remains fixed during our lifetime,patients need to know that they will keep the hairline without the necessity of correcing it.For this reason,it is crucial that the physician knows that this line is the most ideal line for theperson,and applies it according to his/her experience.

Patitens must keep in mind that the line needs to looknatural when they get older.The hairline should not be kept as low as it is in the beginning of youth.

A high hairline that is more at the back on boh sides of the forehead(temporal region) will provide a perfect result lasting for a lifetime.In this way,a denser and more natural look will br schieved compared to a low oval hairline.