Beauty and a unique view of the history of mankind, which is indispensable to request the extraordinary innovations of our modern world, our main philosophy for you to meet with you. Masterlif Hair Center Hair Transplant Center, the plantation and carrying out of the services and treatment for hair treatment methods in order to this day, a team specializing in operations over the years have successfully completed thousands of hair transplant cases is a specialized 8-year institutions. Masterlif to expand the scope in a short time, it has become a strong brand in health tourism. Our goal is to Masterlif, better and faster your problem to a healthy appearance, producing effective and lasting solutions to refrain from any sacrifice, you are aware of our responsibility to provide the best quality and reliable service. You will be happy to experience the beauty of our pride.




    Hair Transplantation

Called follicular unit hair transplantation and removal of individual hair follicles in our scalp and is used to their new position. In the first section of hair transplantation with FUE technique typically harvested stem is cut up by a needle in the donor area. Saçlan roots, which are collected in the second part of the channel is recessed into the desired area.


    PRP Therapy

We PRP Platelet-rich plasma fluid and it is added to the autologous platelet-derived protein mixture is applied to the area where the hair is thinned. PRP platelet derived from your own blood was again activated protein derived from platelets is applied to your scalp. Fully prepared with your own blood.



ıcegraft solution used in medicine in many parts of cells, tissues and organs outside the body is a mixture which he can live without any loss. Hair transplantation of grafts from the donor area before planting soak in this solution with the graft cells and prevents the loss of tissue.


ıcegraft, removes free radicals from attacking healthy cells, regulates the pH level of osmosis gives düçük support and protect the balance of intracellular ion density hosting substances.


Solution two strong antioxidant, glutathione, and vitamin E include other synthetic substances. Optimized molecular cells responding positively to this mixture with cooling and heating processes, to protect the viability of the transplanted graft. Hair roots serum-free and protein-saving feature hypoallergenic.